Starting Point - Your Freedom Starts Here

Starting Point - Your Freedom Starts Here

Cashflow game

What better way to have fun and learn about money management at the same time. Achieve financial success, first in a game, next in life.

CASHFLOW is an educational board game based on the New York Times best-seller book in personal finance – Rich Dad Poor Dad by author Robert Kiyosaki.

This personal finance game simulates the real life roller coasters of stock trading, business building, and real estate investing. Consistently challenging your belief system and mindset forcing you to think like a successful man.

What do you get at the end of the day.

A successful man’s mindset.

What diid you loose?

4 hours of your time.

Is it worth while?

You decide.

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Success Mindset

Your perspective is your reality. Let us show you the possibilities.

Rethink job security.

Diversify and manage your risk with multiple streams of income.

action cures fear

Opportunity don’t knock on your door twice. No one has ever gotten rich through rejecting great ideas.

Don’t overthink it. Just do it. Fear will go away in face of action.

Cultivate financial habits

Discipline is difficult. But a habit will keep things going. Build wealth through cultivating great financial habits. Leverage the power of habits, don’t allow it to trap you in the rat race.

You earn your way to riches; You don’t save your way to riches.

Develop Your business acumen

Know the importance of building a sustainable business. Learn to identify good businesses. Make sound decisions; Make Money work for you, don’t work for money.

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